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TEDxCourtauldInstitute: The Next Frontier

15/03/15: 11:00-19:00, Somerset House

TEDxCourtauldInstitute is a conference, licensed under TED, during which various high profile speakers will be talking on what they perceive as 'The Next Frontier' in their field.

In considering a programme for TEDxCourtauldInstitute 2015, we are keen to build upon the dialogue started at last year’s event, ‘Colouring Life’; seeing the world through different lenses, being global citizens, sharing ideas and making change. Our world faces a spectrum of issues and conflicts, and in a digital age these take hold faster than ever, vying for attention on the international stage. The Internet has allowed for a complete cross-pollination of fields, with more collaboration and cultural interaction than ever before. The issues of today’s society transcend language barriers, geographical lines, social demographics and industries. Everyone feels like they can be part of a broader conversation. What are the next steps for our society? What could the future hold, and how do we make it happen? By inviting speakers from different areas of our society- important voices, impact-makers, and figureheads- and ask them what they believe to be ‘The Next Frontier’ for their field, we hope to generate an important conversation about issues both close and far from our own life experience, opening our eyes to developments that could shape our future.

Conference day

Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre
The Courtauld Institute of Art
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

How to find us:
Nearest tube stations are Temple, Embankment, Covent Garden and Holborn.

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